Stoked for Cheese? Check out Vegan Stokes Cheese!

By Asees Garry

2Vegan Stokes Cheese is one of the finest brands of vegan cheese available today, but what’s even more incredible is that they are a lovely family operated business! They offer a wide variety of vegan and gluten free products, ranging from Smoked Gouda to Sun-Dried Tomato and Basil spreads.


With their products tasting absolutely delicious, Vegan Stokes Cheese has been endorsed by Ingrid Newkirk, the Founder of PETA, along with many other influencers who swear by it! Take a look for yourself!3.png


Whilst their story is incredible, they are also committed to giving back and supporting causes that advocate for animal rights, along with the sustainability of the environment. What’s even more incredible is that they were awarded with the 2018 PETA Compassionate Business Award for their honorable work with their business as well!


4.pngDuring many of Western University Vegan Society’s events, Vegan Stokes Cheese was kind enough to sponsor us and help promote veganism on our very own campus.


They have donated their exquisite products for events such as Reasons with Vegans, along with our very own Western Sorority and Fraternity Vegan Challenge! The generous Founder and President of Vegan Stokes Cheese, Tina Stokes, has also donated $250 towards the challenge, which was used towards providing more vegan options for many of our events.


Whilst we have been kindly supported by Vegan Stokes Cheese, the opinions expressed in this post are completely genuine and we are very thankful to the owner and team of Vegan Stokes Cheese for their kind contributions!


Here’s to going nuts for cheese!


Vegan Stokes Cheese Links!






Watch this interview for more information about their journey and business!


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